Keep your produce safe and fresh with a high-quality produce packaging solution by NB3! Whether you’re a grower in need of bulk packaging or a distributor requiring printed packages for retail, we want to help you preserve the freshness of your products for a longer shelf-life and an attractive look.

OTR Films

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From lettuce and vegetable medleys to pre-cut and whole fresh fruits, our flexible OTR films are designed specifically with produce in mind, meaning they can help you extend the life of your products.

These films can be customized to a specific OTR to maximize Produce integrity and freshness.  We offer mono web films with specified OTR's or we can laminate in line to generate a specific OTR for your product.

In-Line Lamination

Your products are unique and special to you, so should your packaging.

With in-line lamination, we can customize your packaging using a combination of PET, PE, OPS, OPP, LLDPE, and more.

Not sure what you need, no worries, NB3 has decades of experience in the produce industry and can help you find the best flexible packaging films for your products.


Want more OTR?

Does your Produce require a higher Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) to extend the shelf life and preserve product freshness?​


Produce such as greens, broccoli, and onions require higher OTR's that are typically not available with off-the-shelf films.   


NB3 Packaging has inline hot and cold needle micro-perforations to increase the OTR; improving the quality and freshness of your produce.

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Custom Printing

At NB3 Packaging, we want to help you make the most of your flexible packaging order, so we offer a printing service that can make ordinary films, bags, or pouches unique.

We offer custom printed labeling options to meet your needs, and we strive to get you the flexible packaging you need fast so you won’t be waiting on us to distribute your products.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of quality, service, innovation, and support to our clients, no matter the size of the job.