OTR(Oxygen Transmission Rate) Films

Keep your product safe and fresh with a high-quality packaging solution by NB3! We offer custom and standard films with various OTR's to best fit your products requirements.  Laminated or mono web films are available.

Produce Packaging Solutions

We offer produce packaging of the highest quality with a wide range of features available to cover every need. From lettuce and vegetable medleys to pre-cut and whole fresh fruits, our flexible solutions are designed specifically with produce in mind, meaning they can help you extend the life of your products.

Produce Packaging Solutions Include:


Multi Layer Laminations

The freshness of your fruits and vegetables depends on proper produce packaging, so it’s essential to choose a reliable product and a company that understands the intricacies of food preservation.
Fortunately, NB3 Packaging has the state-of-the-art produce packaging you need to ensure your food stays safe through transportation and in stores, and we’re happy to walk you through our selection if you have any questions about our products.

Packaging Accessories

Need a higher OTR for products such as broccoli, greens, or onions?


Or looking to maximize food safety and preserve freshness longer?


Consider one of these options:

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SQF Quality and Food Safety Certified

​​Our high-quality standards apply every bit to the packaging that contains your product to the label that says what’s inside. Every labeling solution is designed to fit the needs of both packaging and product.

With extensive experience in Food, Snack, Pet Food, Candy and other major industries, we're able to provide custom packaging solutions targeted to your needs. Whether it's preserving food and beverages, increasing visibility of household products, boosting product line speeds for industrial materials, or offering tamper evidence for sensitive materials, we're committed to packaging your products in the best way possible following the highest quality standards.