One of the fastest-growing segments at NB3, both medical and personal, Cannabis deserves great packaging too.  We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of Cannabis packaging by understanding the strict requirements needed to produce a safe, high-quality, and eye-catching package.

Safety First...Child Proof Packaging

Does your flexible packaging require a higher level of security to keep the product out of the hands of those little ones?

NB3 has in-house pouching capabilities with child-proof zippers to improve quality and safety. 

 With all these features under one roof, lead times are reduced and we get your packaging to you when you need it.

Image by Elsa Olofsson
Image by Elsa Olofsson

Specialty Cannabis Films

Not all films are created equal?

That's why we have developed specialty films for the cannabis industry to protect the integrity of the product by eliminated light exposure to prevent drying the product out.

Typical film constructions include two or three films (PET / MET / PE) laminated together, all of which NB3 manufactures in-house, to give you the desired protection and guarantee product freshness.  


Quick Turn...Short Lead Times

Need your flexible packaging quickly?


Or have a product launch that you want to test in the market?


NB3 is your answer.  We offer short-run prototyping and product launches using digital print technologies with quality second to none. No matter the size of your order, you can always trust us to get the job done right with the quickest turnaround time possible. 


Digital Press 1.jpeg