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NB3 Packaging Corporation - Flexible Packaging Specialists

Marijuana Packaging

The top-of-the-line packaging that NB3 has perfected for coffee is also tailor made for the expanding marijuana industry. Our extensive line of flexible packaging provides the ultimate in moisture and oxygen protection, and we offer unique customizable printing options.

Sales of cannabis for medical and recreational use are moving in only one direction: up. Quality products deserve quality packaging.

We will find the type of packaging that works best for your product and also meets the legal requirements of your state. Options include:

  • Side seal pouches – designed with folds on either side to expand, they can be customized with a barrier to protect against moisture and oxygen, or in terms of size and seals.
  • Stand up pouches – available as stock items with options for a standard barrier, high barrier with a clear front and solid black, and high barrier with a solid color, stand up pouches can also be easily customized to meet your needs.
  • T-seal pouches – often used for single-serve coffee or tea, but also available in larger sizes, T-seal pouches can be custom sized with the properties of your choice.

We can use any existing artwork you may have for your packaging, or set you up with a graphic artist to help bring your vision of a great-looking design to reality.

Check out our product selection and services for more information, or call us at 866-496-7279. You can also request a custom quote or a sample of our packaging online.

[Disclaimer: NB3 Packaging does not explicitly encourage or recommend marijuana for recreational use.]